Fluorite Update

Hello everyone,

As part of my ongoing collaboration with John & Robert Lawson I’m pleased to let you know that I have just taken delivery of new set of top quality English and Irish fluorite specimens. I will begin listing these specimens today, but as a taster, here are some photos to illustrate what you can expect to see!

Fluorite & quartz crystals – Shanapheasteen Quarry, Connemara, Ireland

Fluorite crystals – Shanapheasteen Quarry, Connemara, Ireland

Penetration twinned fluorite crystals, green with purple cores – Billings Hills Mine, Weardale, England

Light green fluorite crystals – Heights Mine, Weardale, England

Dark blue fluorite crystals with siderite & quartz – Boltsburn Mine, Weardale, England

Penetration twinned fluorite crystals – Frazers Hush, Weardale, England

Green fluorite crystals with blue outer zoning – West Pasture Mine, Weardale, England

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