Introducing Boltsburn!


Fig.1 – Fluorite crystals with phantoms associated with quartz crystals. FOV6.5cm

I’m sure that many of you are well aware of the Boltsburn Mine in County Durham, England, but I must admit that I knew very little about it until I started noticing a flurry of fluorite specimens from there appearing on the mineral market in 2015. I began researching the locality and quickly established its pedigree for producing top quality fluorite specimens. Indeed, it is widely accepted that the Boltsburn Mine is the UK’s finest fluorite specimen locality and amongst one of the top in the world!

Fig.2 – Gemmy green fluorite crystal with phantoms on quartz crystals. FOV 80mm.

Unfortunately after the initial rush, very few specimens from the locality have been offered recently. Imagine my excitement then when I was offered the opportunity to sell a super collection of specimens from the locality! I will be listing the specimens over the coming days and weeks and I am still getting my head around their quality and variety! The fluorite crystals range in colour from violet to almost black, pale yellow to gemmy green and a few colours in between too!

Fig.3 – Dark, almost black fluorite crystals to 3.1cm on edge with lighter coloured edges.

The fluorite crystals are often accompanied by other minerals including siderite, quartz, calcite & galena, making for some very interesting an attractive associations.

Fig.4 – A large plate of ironstone matrix, 19cm wide, covered in dark brown siderite crystals with colourless to pale violet fluorite cubes displaying daylight fluorescence.

Fig.5 – Fluorite with siderite again. This time the pale yellow fluorite crystals forms a ‘stalactitic’ growth surrounded by the brown siderite.

Another attractive feature of the Boltsburn fluorite crystals is their strong fluorescence both in daylight and under long/short wave UV light.

Fig.6 – Fluorite specimen under short wave UV light and in daylight. This is the same specimen as Fig.3!

This has been an all to short introduction to some of the specimens I have to offer from this super locality. They can be viewed in full here and I will be adding more specimens over the coming days and weeks. If you are interested in any of the specimens or have any queries please drop me a mail to