My New Role!

The last few weeks have been both exciting and manic as I have begun a new part-time role as the Mineral Auctioneer for the Dutch online auction business, Catawiki.

Some of you are perhaps saying, ‘Cata who??’. Don’t worry, I did too just before I started selling with them back in March of this year. I had never heard of them before but soon found out that they had a massive following, especially in Europe. They offer online auctions in pretty much any category of collectible that you can imagine, including minerals. From a business model perspective they are positioning themselves in the market between eBay and the top auction houses and only accept items for auction with a minimum expected value of 75 euros. As auctioneer its my role to screen the offered lots, check their provenance and authenticity and assess whether they are suitable for the Catawiki auction. On the night the auction ends I also monitor the bidding process to ensure no mistaken or malicious bids are accepted.

There is definitely lots to learn, although I’m really looking forward to the challenge and I’m part of a great team in the Natural History category who are keeping me right! I want to encourage and assist sellers to continue to offer great quality specimens that will attract a¬†growing base of discerning mineral collectors to the auctions.

As I said, it is only a part-time role, so I will be continuing to list my own items too.

If you would like more information on the Catwiki mineral auctions, either as a buyer or a potential seller, please feel free to get in touch, either through this site or at

Best wishes,