There’s amethyst in them there hills!!

I have a looooong list of Irish localities I want to check-out in more detail and this is one of them – Sleeve Meelmore in the Eastern Mournes, County Down, Northern Ireland. A few years ago I found a fist sized specimen of massive purple amethyst in a section of vein material at its base (to the left side of the photo). I was a bit confused as I had never heard of amethyst being recorded from the Mournes. Closer examination of the specimen showed that the amethyst was associated with micro epidote crystals and a white unidentified zeolite mineral, possibly stilbite.

Unfortunately it would have been the geological equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack to try and find the source of the specimen at that time……..however, a recent conversation with the late Harry Foys son, Harry Jnr, led to me seeing some of Harry Snr’s collecting notes and amongst them I saw a reference to amethyst on Slieve Meelmore. Theres no indication that Harry found the locality but its high on my list this summer to make a serious start to finding it….so watch this space for details of how I get on!